Before Ever After: A Novel Pre-Order

Would You Read A Book Called “Master of the Universe?”



“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


Or would it? The rule may apply to flowers but I’m not that sure about books. I have to wonder if “Twilight” would have become a monster hit if it had been published under its original title “Forks” and if “Fifty Shades of Grey” would have turned into a bestseller if E.L. James had stuck with “Master of the Universe?”

All together now..."By the power of Gray Skull..."

The classics have had their share of name swaps as well. Do you think the switches were for the better?

1. George Orwell – “The Last Man in Europe” turned into…”1984.”

2. Bram Stoker – “The Dead Un-Dead” became…”Dracula”

3. Margaret Mitchell – “Tomorrow is Another Day” switched to…”Gone with the Wind.”

4. William Faulkner – “Twilight” was swapped to…”"The Sound and the Fury.”

5. John Steinbeck – “Something That Happened” was exchanged for…”Of Mice and Men.”

6. Jane Austen’s father –  ”First Impressions” became…”Pride and Prejudice.”

7.  Leo Tolstoy – “All’s Well that Ends Well” was traded for…”War and Peace.”

8. F Scott Fitzgerald – “Trimalchio on West Egg” was tossed in favor of…”The Great Gatsby.”

How about you? Do you judge a book by its title?

(Trivia: Before Ever After changed titles TWICE — names that I’m taking with me to the grave ;-) )




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37 Responses to “Would You Read A Book Called “Master of the Universe?””

  1. Elaine says:

    I had to read it and didn’t like it with the new title either. Lots of plot holes only Forks… I mean Twilight understands.

    Plus, Ever After Happily (or was it Happily Ever After?) was the title when I read your book and it didn´t make me like it less :D

    OOpss… was I not supposed to spill those beans?

  2. Elaine says:

    I mean Twilight FANS understands.

  3. L.G.Smith says:

    There does seem to be something lacking in most of those original titles. How funny that Faulkner’s novel was originally called Twilight. And The Dead Un-Dead, I’m so stealing THAT. Can’t believe they tossed that out in favor of Dracula. :P

  4. Marian says:

    wow Fifty Shades of Grey was titled as Master of the Universe??? hmmm good thing they changed the title hahaha.

  5. Sophia Chang says:

    Wow. This is like the single most compelling argument for having a publisher and editor keep that gate!

  6. Charlie says:

    Master of the Universe just sounds silly. That said, if the huge number of people who read it before publication is anything to go by, maybe its just me thinking that, although fan-fiction is easier to forgive for bad titles. Pride and Prejudice wins for its alliteration.

    • samantha says:

      I was quite surprised by Grey’s original title – but as you pointed out, enough people liked it to make the book the phenomenon that it is. Can’t argue with success :)

  7. Diane says:

    I do just a book by its name but more-so by its cover art. Yes, I am one of those people…… :O)

  8. DEZMOND says:

    I do love me good titles, and it is very interesting when I as a book translator have to translate the title along with everything it carries, the sound, the style, the poetic aspect of it, double meanings….. Your BEFORE EVER AFTER would be untranslatable in my language and we would have to come up with some new title :)

  9. Jennifer says:

    I will admit that it is the title that first peaks my interest. I will also admit to buying a book because I like the cover. The line After all tomorrow is another day is my favorite last line of a book…..I have a tattoo to prove it….but I don’t like it for the title. Looking forward to finding out what your next book will be called:))

  10. Titles are a big deal. (And I’m terrible at coming up with them.) I can’t imagine War and Peace being called All’s Well That Ends Well. ugh.

    As for flowers, I think even the rose would be less “rose-ish” if it were called pretty-thorn-bush or skunk cabbage. :)

  11. One of my favorite novels of all time is Dracula. I think the novel would have sounded less cool if it was published as “The Dead Un-dead”. So, yeah, I do judge a book by its title (and by its cover…literally).hehe I’m not a fan of Twilight, but I don’t think that “Forks” would have been a big box office hit. :)

  12. Andrew says:

    Some of those titles wouldn’t have mattered so much. Like First Impressions could have worked just as well. We’d just know that book by another name and wouldn’t think anything of it.
    Some of them, though… Well, it’s hard to say. I bought a book, once, based solely on the title. -That- will never happen again.

  13. Not often. I usually base my opinions more on the blurb (or even the cover).

  14. MuMuGB says:

    Interesting question. Now you are having me wondering what the title of your book was…I think that it is where a publisher can have some added value. It is difficult to understand how a title will be perceived…

  15. tanya reimer says:

    Yes. There is something to having the perfect title. I have to be honest, I didn’t get yours until I read the very last word of your book, and then I smirked, because well… I like magic like that. hee hee.

  16. Diane says:

    Master of the Universe? I can’t think of another title that fits this book. But thanks for sharing this piece of story in every writer’s life.

    • samantha says:

      I can’t even count the number of titles we considered for Before Ever After before finally finding “the One.” Crafting a title is definitely one of the most challenging things a writer has to do :)

  17. Oh yes, I do! And by the book cover too! I’m trying, no, make that STRUGGLING, to write my first novel now. I think I’ll be writing the title last, just like what I do most of the time on my blog. :)

  18. Hanzel Reyes says:

    I wouldn’t have read Twilight if its name is Forks, or even 50 Shades if its name is Master Of the Universe. Thank heavens that they didn’t turn that way! ‘Coz for goodness’ sake I think only God is the master if the universe! But yeah, Twilight & 50 Shades were my first loves. ;)

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