Before Ever After: A Novel Pre-Order

Kimchi, K-Pop,and Psy

Psy “Skin Care Face Masks,” anyone?


So much for my attempt at alliteration in the title. On the positive side, “Psy” will probably get this post more hits than “Korean Guy on Youtube.”

From sunny Palawan, we now move on to the next stop of my feeble attempt at returning to the blogosphere, “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” series. Remember when I told you that it would be a two-part post? I lied. It will be a THREE part post. *cue canned applause*

Yes, dear friends. I live to blog another week.


If you’ve been thinking of going to Korea, today is your lucky day. Below is the most comprehensive  and definitive “MUST DO” list ever made. Ever. Be afraid Trip Advisor. Be very afraid.

TOP TEN Things To Do in Korea…


ONE: Eat Well

Begin your day with a meal that was very happy, healthy, centered, and content right before it was…um…skewered ;-)


TWO: Travel Back in Time

Moment of serenity begins now…

Moment over.

THREE: Learn the History of Kimchi

Pop Quiz: What used to be stored in this hut?


Or this?


FOUR: Have! Lunch (or “See What Happens When Punctuation Marks Rebel.”)


Until! Next? time… ;-)


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7 Responses to “Kimchi, K-Pop,and Psy”

  1. Hahaha loved this! “Well-being skewered chicken”??

    Great “back in time” pictures!

    Fun post!

    I think I have had enough Psy for a while.

  2. tanya reimer says:

    Moment over. lol. Great pics.

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  4. Joy says:

    Hi Sam! I’ve missed reading you and am glad to be doing this again :-) Have fun on your vacation!

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