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A Dream of Trees Excerpt

July 2019

“Alice dried her eyes, stood up, and walked over to the window. She had watched the seasons change through the glass, sometimes catching her reflection in it. The old woman staring back at her used to startle Alice, but over time, she learned to make peace with all of her wrinkles and age spots. When she turned sixty-five, she stopped dyeing her hair. That winter, it matched the snow. She remembered thinking that her own winter had begun, but that she had no spring waiting for her at the end of it.” – A DREAM OF TREES, July 30 2019



New Book! A Dream of Trees – out on July 30, 2019

July 2019



My debut novel, Before Ever After, came out in 2011, but my publishing journey began a couple of years before that. I found my literary agent and signed my first book deal in 2009. 2019 is therefore a special year for me because it marks my tenth year on this roller coaster ride. I didn’t want this year to pass without celebrating it with you.

Being able to share my strange little stories with you has been the greatest, and most unexpected gift. I am forever grateful to every reader who has wandered over the pages of my books and given my characters a place to live in their hearts and minds. Together, we’ve taken a quirky European tour in a dented Volkswagen van, and stepped through glowing cracks in time. With my third book, I hope to take you through a doorway to rooms that only souls, in their final moments in this world, can see.

A story about people’s last hours is, as you know, a departure from the magical love stories I normally write. It was not the book I began writing after I had finished Love and Gravity, but it was the story that refused to leave me alone until I wrote it down. The world has changed a lot since I wrote Before Ever After, and I’ve found finding magic and hope amidst the headlines, harder and harder to do. A part of me longed to draw rainbows and sprinkle fairy dust over my words, but a larger part knew that sometimes, the best way to deal with the darkness around you is not to paint over it, but to brace yourself, walk straight into it, and light it up from within. This is what I have chosen to do with A DREAM OF TREES. It is not a love story, but there is an incredible amount of love in it. Some of it takes place in dark rooms, but in every room, there is a doorway to the light. It does not whisk you through the secrets of history, but it reveals truths hidden in the here and now.

The inspiration for A DREAM OF TREES and the will to write it came into my life as a gift and I feel that I was meant to share it with you as a gift as well. A DREAM OF TREES will be released as a FREE EBOOK on Amazon on JULY 30, as a gift from me to you on my birthday. It will be offered for free for a limited time, after which it will be available for purchase. As much as I would like to permanently distribute it for free, Amazon limits the number of days a book can be offered this way. (Amazon’s guidelines also only allow me to offer the book for free AFTER its official release and so if you order the book before July 30, please note that Amazon will charge you its regular price. But hey, free books are worth the wait, right? Haha.)

Thank you once again for joining me on this amazing journey. I look forward to following chickens, travelling through time, and finding more love and magic with you in the years to come!


Book Signing in Manila!

January 2017

Save the date! If you’re in Manila, I’d love to see you at the book launch of Love and Gravity!


Feb 11, 2017

National Bookstore

Glorietta 1


See you there!

NBS Poster



STARRED review from Library Journal!

January 2017

2017 is off to a great start with a STARRED review for Love And Gravity from Library Journal! Woohoo! *happy dance* 🙂

“This is the story of an impossible affair between present-day San Francisco cello prodigy Andrea Louviere and a young Isaac Newton. More than a romance, this tale is an enigma and a conundrum. Andrea’s childhood playing magically opens up a crack in space and time. The crack quickly closes but not before she meets Isaac on the other side. As this phenomenon repeats itself over the years, Andrea—now a young woman—begins to receive written messages from Isaac, delivered in the present. When she gets a note from her future self, things really get interesting. With the help of her erstwhile present-day boyfriend Nate, Andrea is able to understand the logic behind the doorway to the past. She boldly steps through the doorway, and her romance with Isaac is truly ignited.
The novel describes a Möbius strip of interrelated actions that circle back upon themselves in space and time. Sotto’s (Before Ever After) remarkable story keeps the reader guessing until the very end.
Verdict  The imaginative blend of romance, history, and paranormal is compulsively readable, hits all the romantic high notes, and provides a novel explanation for the development of calculus; highly recommended.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 6.37.22 AM



Santa came early!

December 2016

OMG. Look what I found under the tree! Thank you soooo much SARAH ADDISON ALLEN for your lovely praise about Love and Gravity! *happy dance*

“Thoughtful, magical, and alive with romantic alchemy, Love and Gravity is a rare gem of a book, both intellectual and beautiful.  Samantha Sotto has constructed a charming plot, full of clever moving pieces, mythology and yes, physics.  Samantha is definitely one to watch.”

christmas tree




Love and Gravity Spotify Playlist!

December 2016

Happy Holidays! The wonderful team at Ballantine/Random House created this magical Love and Gravity Spotify Playlist as an early Christmas present for you! It features cello arrangements of the songs mentioned in the book. Enjoy! ?





Love and Gravity’s Book Trailer is here!

November 2016

Today’s the day! I’m thrilled to bits to be able to share Love and Gravity’s Book Trailer with everyone! I hope you love it as much as I do! I’d really appreciate it if you could share this video with your family and friends. Thank you sooooo much! ❤️



Bookishly Fun Talk on Nov 12

November 2016

Mina V. Esguerra and I will be sharing our tips on publishing on Nov 12 at the Ayala Museum. Hope to see you there!




Happy Halloween! Have you received your treat yet?

October 2016

Hey, campers! I just sent out an email to all my mailing list subscribers containing a link to an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at Love and Gravity’s Book Trailer. There were some emails that bounced back and so if you have subscribed to my mailing list and have NOT received this email, please PM me your email address through  my contact page so that I can send you the link. Please check your SPAM folders too. Happy Halloween!

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