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Downton Abbey, Matthew Crawley, A Cocktail Party, and a Panic Attack


My equation for a perfect evening is simple:

Downton Abbey + Rattiest pajamas + Hubby + Wine + Cheese + Dried figs/apricots + Chocolate = BLISS

This, however, would NOT be the best equation for the perfect blog post. While I do think that Downton’s  ”cousin Matthew” *swoons* would be a hit, I don’t think you’d enjoy seeing me in a shirt that has a larger hole to cloth ratio. Luckily, I have another kind of evening to share with you.

I got invited to Mega Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” Cocktail Party — and YOU are plus my one :D

Confession: Cocktail parties give me panic attacks. I do not have the “mingle” gene. In fact, I have come up with an entire volume of creative excuses (Ebook and paperback edition available on Amazon soon) to wiggle my way out of events that involve heels and lipstick. I could not, however, bring myself to say no to the lovely ladies over at Mega Magazine when they invited me to their event – even if I knew that it meant that I would be “presented” to the audience as part of the magazine’s “Most Beautiful” list. *cue heart attack* But I figured that with you by my side, I’d manage to survive. Are you ready? *Downs Red Bull* Let’s go!

The only thing worse than seeing an eight by eleven inch photo of yourself in a magazine is...seeing a Shrek-size version of the photo on a LED screen.

I guess I should stop hiding behind this plant now, huh?

Maybe I can just stand here and pretend that I'm one of those draped tables.

Okay, okay. I'll mingle, I'll mingle. *Gulp*

Breathe, Sam, breathe.

Thought balloon: Lord, HELP ME.

Ah, a friendly face! Yay! It was good to learn that I wasn't the only one dreading to be "presented." Thanks, Angel! :)


Let's play "Spot the hobbit!" Note to self: bring a stool when standing next to models.

 Phew! We made it! I think that deserves a “cousin Matthew” reward, don’t you?

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31 Responses to “Downton Abbey, Matthew Crawley, A Cocktail Party, and a Panic Attack”

  1. diane says:

    I appreciate this post. I never thought that Samantha Sotto still experiences some butterflies in her stomach. :) You look simple but very elegant in the picture. I actually love your total outfit fromt the head to toe.

  2. EQ Post says:

    More power to you. The EQ Post considers you one of the Philippines’ best people for 2011.

  3. Oh, Sam, you looked absolutely beautiful and very elegant. I can’t blame you for being nervous — that would have made my stomach do somersaults! I’ll bet you handled the evening with more grace and poise than you imagine.

    I must start watching Downton Abbey. Must.

  4. MuMuGB says:

    Sam, you are a natural! You look very glamorous. If you had a panic attack, you certainly managed to hide it well!

  5. DEZMOND says:

    wowzer, how very glamorous and posh! I do strongly believe that you deserve to be on the most beautiful list and there’s nothing you can do to change my opinion :)
    You looked very sparkly like a champaign :)

    May I suggest you once try wearing you hear over you forehead? I think it would look lovely on your face :) Like this:

  6. You looked lovely, Sam. What a lovely honor. Thank you for bringing us along to the party!

  7. It looks like it was an impressive event. Love the captions–and you look beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  8. Anne Yambao says:

    Beautiful Sam! So Chic!! ;-)

    Will download Downtown Abby now!

  9. Diane says:

    I have not seen Dontown Abbey yet but only hear great things about it.

    Look at you, nervous, but glowing and incredibly lovely. Congrats! :O)

  10. Andrew says:

    >sigh< I got interrupted between reading your post and commenting, and, now, I can't remember what I was going to say. At all. I wish my kids would quit making holes in my mind.

    At any rate, I promise not to hate you for being beautiful.

  11. L.G.Smith says:

    Wowser! You really do live the rock star author life, don’t you?

    For all the uncomfortable anti-mingle genes you’ve got, I’d say you did pretty good. What a fun and glamorous night. I’m glad you’re always taking pictures of this stuff, too, so we can come along.

  12. You looked amazing!!

    BTW, I have the same favorite evening at home—Downton Abbey, Cabernet, double cream blue cheese, crackers, dried apricots, olives, and my husband to snuggle with.

  13. Len Lambert says:

    You look so pretty in that dress, Sam. Beautiful photos, too.

  14. Sophia Chang says:

    omg where did you get your cocktail dress????? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  15. tanya reimer says:

    Beautiful indeed. You killed it. Yay!

  16. Kat Owens says:

    YOu are lovely, that dress is gorgeous, well done!

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